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Rules and Regulations

We are excited that you have chosen Sweet Valley Cottages and looking forward to your stay. In order to keep the area safe and pleasant for ALL of our guests, we ask that you abide by the following regulations:


3 pm on the day of arrival


Upon arrival, Marty, our property manager will greet you. He will be on site from 3-6 pm and take you to your cabin, give you a tour of the property, obtain the signed waiver of liability forms and answer any questions. Marty will be your main contact during your stay, and will ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable visit. If you require a later check in, please call him directly at 570-218-5970, and he will make individual arrangements.


11 am on the day of departure


Kindly clean dishes, sweep out cottage, turn off the heat and lights, and leave the key on the table along with your signed Waiver and Release of Liability Form. Pull the door closed behind you.


We offer complimentary paved outdoor parking at our premises. It is located between cottage #2 and #3. You may use carts by the open wood shed to transport your belongings to your cottage. Please do not allow your children to sit in the carts or to use as toys. These are the same carts used to tow the firewood.


Cottages 1 and 2 are located to the left of the parking area, and cottages 3, 4 and 5 are located to the right of the parking area. There is a small playground to the right of Cottage 5. There is a walking path around the lake. Guests have full access to the property including the gazebo, lake and boat.


The maximum number of people per cottage is five, not to include more than 4 adults in the 2 bedrooms. Two additional children (ages 12 and under) can sleep on the futon located in the living room. (NO ADULTS are allowed to sleep on the futon).

Cottage furnishings may not be removed from the cottage. Outdoor picnic table and Adirondack chairs are heavy and should not be moved away from the cottage area.
There are no extra cots available, nor is there space for air mattress, etc. We ask that when/if the futon is used for sleeping, that the gas fireplace should be turned off. It is very close to the fireplace and therefore is a potential fire hazard when opened up.


Visitors to your cottage may be allowed with prior permission only.


We ask our guests to be respectful for one another and observe quiet hours between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. Loud radios, music, noise, rowdy parties etc. is not allowed (so as to not disturb your neighbors sleep). Any rowdy disturbances during these hours should be reported to management.


Our cabins are 100% nonsmoking, and violators will be subject to $75 penalty.


Pets are NOT allowed, with the exception of Cottage #1, which is our pet-friendly cottage. All animals must be under the control of the handler at ALL times, never be unattended, and always leashed on property. Cats and dogs (under 50 lbs) are welcome. There are no breed restrictions. An additional pet fee of $30 per night applies, with a maximum number of 2 pets per guest cottage.


Your credit card will be authorized a $75 refundable security deposit on the day of arrival.


In the event of a No-Show, there will be NO refund.


Cancellations made within 14 days prior to arrival will be non-refundable.


“Catch and Release” Fishing is included in your stay. We have a selection of Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Catfish and Bluegills are in the lake. We require LEAD Free fishing only. According to Pennsylvania Law, “no person 16 years of age or older shall fish in any of the waters of Pennsylvania or in any boundary waters without first procuring a license”.


Firearms, bows and arrows, firecrackers, fireworks, air rifles, etc. are prohibited in the park.


Use of the lake for boating, fishing or swimming is included in your stay. However, this is strictly at your own risk. There is NO lifeguard on duty, and it is over 10 feet deep in some areas. We recommend using life jackets (Personal Flotation Devices) at all times. There are 4 adult life jackets in each cabin. Children are to be supervised at ALL times, and are not allowed on the beach, dock or boats, unless accompanied by an adult. No Bare feet on the beach, please! Beware: The beach descends rapidly.


Each cabin has its own Barbeque grill and campfire ring. Fires must be extinguished before leaving the cottage area. DO NOT leave fires unattended! Firewood is available for purchase on the honor system for $10/ washtub load.


Ducks, birds, frogs and many types of wildlife make their home in the park area and are not to be abused. The swans, Fred and Ethel, are our pets and mascots. They were raised since hatchlings and hand fed. In addition, please be mindful about leaving open garbage outside of your cabin, as that may attract the local bear.


There is a small nature walk surrounding the lake that may interest you. Please do not damage the trees by breaking off branches or stripping off bark. Stripping off the bark from hickory trees is like skinning them alive and will eventually kill them. Also, please do not throw cigarette butts on the lawn or in the lake.


Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at Ricketts Glen Park. Having said that, we have no issues, with our guests enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner or a few beers around the campfire. But no beer kegs, or drunken foolery permitted.

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